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POESIS: flowing along a river of time


POESIS: flowing along a river of time is a collection of poetry written by Aaron William Perry and illustrated by his son, Indigo Hunter Chesnutt-Perry. Covering a quarter-century, from Aaron’s adolescent years to his early forties, this collection of poems is a woven tapestry with rich themes: nature, mysticism, love, sensuality, culture, and travel. Poesis reflects a deep appreciation for life, for Earth, for intimacy and for sumptuous aesthetics. In this collection, you’ll find references to poet Gary Snyder (Japhy), musician Coltrane, and commemorations of many soulful places including the desert southwest, the Rocky Mountains, New York’s Greenwich Village, the Adirondacks, and the Puget Sound. As well as international locations from, to the Scottish heath. Readers are invited to glimpse some intimate and emotional pieces related to romantic love, loss, and a deep, mystical connection with the life force and natural intelligence suffusing creation.

The illustrations, created by Hunter during his high school years, reveal his refined technical detail, eye for shape, color, composition, and visual flow, and combine a variety of themes including, media, and stylistic expressions. His pieces range from detailed pencil to watercolor, and from colorful montage to stark monochromatic abstractions.

This special project is a father-son collaboration, that celebrates their enduring love, their love of collaboration, and Hunter’s high school graduation and transition into adulthood.

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